The Complete Preview: 2017 New Ships – 2

The cruise industry is an always-changing environment. Every year, the cruise lines inaugurate several new ships – they are more modern, more innovative, usually bigger in size, and bring more and more attractions to the guests. In 2017, eleven new ships are entering service around the world. And they promise to be more advanced than ever.

It will be possible, for instance, to watch the sun set from the world’s biggest sailing ship or go to a beach club during the European winter while at sea!

Want to know more? Learn about the five ships entering service later this year on the gallery below:


Displaying AIDA’s classic livery, the AIDAperla will be put in service this July. The ship is a sister to the AIDAprima, and is being built in Japan. Innovative, the ship has a unique design with a straight bow and several enclosed areas on the upper decks for cruising in colder weather. Along with the Prima, it’s going to be the biggest ship in the fleet at 124,700 tons.

AIDA Beach Club, one of AIDAperla’s coolest features.

One of the coolest features is the ship’s main pool, called Beach Club. It does look like a beach, and is the setting to parties during the night. Enclosed, the area can be used throughout the year (including on European winter) and is complete with a DJ tower. Another enclosed area is the Four Elements, with a water park (including racer water slides), a cinema, a playground for children, and a trekking circuit. Also worth noting are the F&B options, with several specialty restaurants included on the cruise fare. Learn more about the AIDAperla here.