Top Mediterranean Cruise Homeports

Planning a Mediterranean cruise? We can help you choose the best option when it comes to homeports. There are diverse many ports where you can start your European adventure, and a host of ports the ships stop at too. We selected three of the main ones, just so you know what to expect from each one and what may fit you better.


Sunset over the Barceloneta Beach

Barcelona is the perfect place to start a Mediterranean cruise; it’s not by chance it among the main homeports.

The capital of the autonomous region of Catalunya, this Spanish city is part of a very famous area and has dozens of attractions. With thousands of years of history, it is full of historic sites, like the Gothic Neighborhood, which comprises several blocks of gothic and medieval buildings. Still talking about architecture, the city is famous for its Gaudi-projected buildings. The most important is probably the Guell Park that offers panoramic views of the town, and was also the architect’s last address. The Sagrada Familia church is also a milestone.

Park Guell sight

There are more interesting sights: Barcelona FC stadium, the Camp Nou (which packs 100,000 fans in for big soccer matches) and the Ramblas (a street that buzzes with nightlife, restaurants, stores and bars). For those who like to go to the beach, the Barceloneta region is at the top of the close.

Close to Barceloneta is the Port Vell, the city’s first port that was revitalized to the 1992 Olympic Games, hosted by Barcelona. It now houses a shopping mall, a marina, an aquarium and endless promenades close to the sea.

Most of the Mediterranean cruises depart from Barcelona, especially the ones from American cruise lines. So, from here you’ll find a varied array of itineraries.

Port Vell area, mixing modernity and tradition
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